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Enrichment Programmes (Viva Discovery, Viva Learning Journeys)

Discover how you can develop strong language foundations, learning abilities and attitude in your child.
Key Features:

  • A unique 3 in 1 holistic program that enhances what your child learns in school
  • Encompasses all six learning areas of early childhood education- language & literacy, numeracy,  self & social awareness, aesthetics & creative expression, environmental awareness and motor skills development
  • Learning Methods Based on 8 Multiple Intelligences approach

Thematic IT lessons
Thematic IT lessons
Discover how to enhance what your child learns in school while providing them with the opportunity to explore technology through a distinct thematic approach concept learning. Activities with varied teaching aids and learning materials are carefully tailored for the various age groups to get children actively involved in the learning process.








Kinaesthetic Sports
Kinaesthetic Sports
Discover how your child can develop a healthy attitude towards sports, fitness and personal development. Through the use of a revolutionary 3D interactive technology, sports skills are taught to develop hand-eye coordination, manipulative skills, situational awareness, gross motor proficiency and a spirit of group cooperation. Children are elated as they are exposed to a vast array of innovative kinaesthetic learning experiences.








Communication Skills Development
Communication Skills Development
Discover how you can improve your child’s self confidence and clarity of speech while promoting free expressions of their imagination and creativity. Through the use of thematic videos and an inquiry-based learning approach, children will be given the opportunity to express themselves verbally, develop effective communication skills and increase their self-confidence.