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Enterprise Resource Planning System

Specially developed for Child Care Centres, Kindergartens and Preschools Providers, ICHILD is a world-class online interactive platform designed to:

  • SEAMLESSLY bridge relationships between principals, teachers, parents and children;

  • EQUIP preschools with a highly effective management and administrative system;

  • CREATE the ultimate learning experience for children


At the heart of ICHILD is our legendary FUSE (Find, Use, Share, Expand) System, which is an integrated package of innovative and fully functional tools.

With the ICHILD FUSE System, preschools can enhance publicity and marketing efforts, and also reach out to staff and parents alike –in ways never before imagined!


Key Features:
  • Personalised Website – Reach out to parents with your unique website.

  • One-Stop Information Centre - Parents can receive the most up-to-date information about
    your centre including the latest news, happenings, events and announcements etc.

  • Video & Photo Sharing Gallery – Impress parents by uploading your centre’s interesting
    activities in our video and photo sharing gallery.

  • Parent’s Communication Platform – Parents can communicate effectively as they are
    given individual user accounts with links to teachers.

  • Teachers Networking Tool – Teachers are able to communicate with parents the latest
    class schedules, plans and progress of the students.

  • Student Progress Tracking System – Teachers can update their students’ progress online
    for parents to be kept informed.

  • Forum Corner – Principal, teachers and parents are able to communicate with each
    other effectively.

  • SMS Broadcasting Facility – Parents can be instantly updated of the latest happenings in
    the centre.

  • Online Resource Library – Parents and students are able to access teaching resources at
    home for home revisions sessions.

  • Email Communication Capability – Teachers can keep in contact with parents/students
    regularly via emails.

  • Admin Management System – Administrative duties can be managed more efficiently. 

  • Effective 24/7 Exposure- Effective publicity and marketing tool.