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Learning Spaces

Why the Need to Transform Learning Spaces?

Delivering independent and personalised learning, increased autonomy for students and harnessing the power of technology requires a fundamental shift in how we shape the environment which learning takes place. From classrooms and lecture theatres, to breakout spaces and open-plan learning zones, every inch of space can work towards creating a stimulating and inspiring environment. This is in line with MOE- Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee’s recommendations to provide more spaces that facilitate engaged learning in both academic and non-academic areas to support delivery of holistic education.








Infinite Innovations

Space can open opportunities for new pedagogies, interactions, and connections. Beyond classrooms, schools can redesign space to encourage student learning and interaction. For example, a small corner in the library or reading room can be transformed into information commons, where the floor-to-ceiling book stacks and carrels designed to ensure solitude and silence can give way to open spaces where technology is integrated with fun and learning.

Emphasis on Active Learning

Collaborative learning environments are an essential tool for moving for a “factory” to an “active learning” education model. Active learning emphasizes instilling knowledge, rather than just delivering information. Instead of sitting in organised rolls while someone lectures to them, students cluster in collaborative groups to foster teamwork as they work on projects and share ideas.

Our Learning Spaces Programme

Vivanotion’s learning spaces programme will equip education leaders with the tools required to envisage and create an innovative space that brings students together and provides them with opportunities to learn from others – academically, socially, and culturally.

We will achieve this through:

  • designing space around learning rather than instruction
  • creating socially catalytic spaces – places where students can meet, congregate, and socialise
  • integrating technology in spaces to encourage innovative teaching approaches
  • involving users in the design of spaces

Learning Spaces Consultancy

Vivanotion is carrying out workshops and consultancy with schools and local authorities to support innovative thinking around school redesign. These activities are aimed at bringing about new and exciting possibilities for inspiring teachers and their motivated learners.

Through working with staff, pupils and other key stakeholders, the aim is to challenge schools and authorities to think differently in creating a compelling vision of a transformed educational future and to explore the possibilities of space, curriculum and school redesign in order to develop approaches to education appropriate for the 21st century.

For further information about Vivanotion’s learning spaces programme, please contact info@vivanotion.com.