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mimio interactive

Make Any Whiteboard Interactive

Choose the mimio® Interactive system to convert a standard whiteboard into a fully interactive one – up to 2m x 2.4m. Connect to your computer and projector along with included Studio software and you’re ready to take full advantage of exciting multi-media content. Control your computer’s software or browse the web for the whole class to see.









mimio capture
Capture Everything You Write with Ink Capture

Add mimio® Capture kit to your mimio® Interactive and you can digitally capture your dry-ease marker work from any whiteboard. Print your board work, email files, export to other applications or use for online content – all these options are easy with mimio® ink Capture.

With mimio® Capture kit, you can use up to 8 different markers colors and save your file in a variety of formats including PDF, JPEG, and HTML. You can also link directly to third party conferencing solution to share your whiteboard notes with remote locations. In the classroom, the mimio® Capture system helps students stay focused on the lesson, not busy copying board notes.










Get Added Freedom to Teach with Mimio Wireless

Add mimio® Wireless to your current mimio® Interactive bar in a snap to get a range of up to 10m from your computer. Simply slide out your current USB module and replace with the mimio® Wireless module. Plug the small mimio® Wireless receiver into your computer’s USB port and you’re ready to go.

Requiring no special set up on your computer, mimio®’s 2.4 GHz CSSS signal transmission technology does not rely on line-of-sight and will not interfere with your existing WiFi network or other wireless devices such as Bluetooth. There’s no software to install, just plug and play!

mimio wireless










Maximize Your Flexibility with mimio Pad

With mimio® Pad*, you are free to walk about the class or engage with student individually while maintaining command of the interactive lesson materials as you move – up to 10m from the master computer. Gain easy access to mimio® tools and Studio 6 software functions to control interactive lessons throughout the room.

*Currently available for use with Studio 6 software only.

mimio pad